WebLitLegit​ For Teens

WebLitLegit for Teens is an interactive, teen-driven toolkit that empowers teens to discern health information “Truth versus Trash” on the Internet. During the workshop, teens learn how to recognize science-based information from opinion, identify credible sources, question why the information is being presented and analyze if it sounds too good to be true. 

The interactive workshop is easy to use in a variety of teen-friendly settings to improve teens’ e-health literacy enabling them to identify credible health information and make informed decisions about their health.


What's The Purpose?

WebLitLegit's goal is to improve teens’ e-health literacy thus, ability to locate and use credible health information on the Internet. Educators adopting the toolkit will empower teens to locate online health information, critically appraise the quality of the material, and apply the information to make informed decisions about their health.


Who Can Use the Toolkit?

WebLitLegit can be implemented in a wide range of teen settings and by a range of diverse educators such as school librarians, public librarians, secondary school teachers (health, science, etc.), school nurses, museum educators, and community volunteers. 


Why Teens?

70% of youth use the internet as their first source of health information. This is problematic because during this phase of pre-adulting, many teens have limited online health literacy, lacking the knowledge and skills to filter and distinguish reliable from unreliable health information on the internet. 

Here's what teens are saying about their use of online health information.

Toolkit Resources

Below are the downloadable resources for your WebLitLegit workshop!

WebLitLegit PowerPoint (5 minutes)

WebLitLegit PowerPoint


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