Older Adult Patient Safety

Older adult patients are at particular risk of experiencing a patient safety event.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that older adults visit the emergency department as a result of an adverse drug event more than twice as often as those under 65 and are nearly seven times more likely to be hospitalized following an emergency visit.

Patient Safety Tips for Older Adults

What are some safety concerns clinicians should be aware of when working with older adults? 

Assistant Dean of Clinical and Outreach Affairs for UNT Health Science Center’s College of Nursing, Dr. Kate Taylor, discusses safety for older adults below

House Calls Program

When coming to the doctor’s office isn’t an option, our expert care can come to you! 
House calls even include mobile labs and imaging, cognitive testing, and more.

Kate Taylor

Assistant Dean of Clinical and Outreach Affairs, College of Nursing at UNT Health Science Center

Dr. Kate Taylor is an experienced board-certified family nurse practitioner with 22 years in health care. Dr. Taylor is active in the clinical education of UNTHSC health profession students and SaferCare Texas improving safety in care delivery. She deeply appreciates and respects older adults and her goal is to make a difference in their lives.

Karen Ayala

Community Health Worker,
SaferCare Texas
Karen Ayala, holding a bachelor’s degree in Public Health, serves as a dedicated community health worker at Safer Care Texas. Her fervent commitment to community welfare drives her to specialize in aiding geriatric patients. Through her role, she ensures seamless access to essential resources, offering invaluable support to enhance their quality of life

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Improving Older Adult Care

This FREE course examines a variety of issues impacting older adult care and provides a bridge to health care that emphasizes respect and dignity.