SaferCare Texas

Speak Up for SaferCare Podcast Episode 16: Rural Digital Literacy

In this episode, learn how rural librarian Dianne Connery became a community advocate in Pottsboro, Texas. In this retirement community, many residents cannot utilize technology for information/education. Find out how this community pioneer meets the needs of rural community members and the impacts of her efforts.

Speak Up for SaferCare Podcast Episode 14: Age Friendly Health Systems-Dr. Kate Taylor

What is important to geriatric populations? Are there common patient safety risks they encounter at home? Learn about Age-Friendly Health Systems, an Institute for Health care Improvement initiative, and how it applies to this ever-growing vulnerable population. In this episode, Dr. Kate Taylor-Clinical Executive for SaferCare Texas and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, explains how health care professionals should listen to what matters to them.

Speak Up For SaferCare Podcast Episode 12: Knee Surgery Complications seen through a Patient’s Lens

Many people express pain following knee replacement surgery, but they report improved quality of life after rehabilitation. Typically, individuals have no more than two surgeries(two knees). This is our second patient experience episode. Meet our next guest, Brett Wells, as he shares his twelve-year journey following 39 surgeries! Brett shares the circumstances leading to his injuries, the positive health care he experienced, and the questionable ones. Listen to his heartfelt journey, where he nearly died, and today’s reduced quality of life.