SaferCare Texas has the First Ambulatory Care Patient Safety Organization in Texas.

What is a PSO?

A PSO serves as an independent, external expert who can collect, analyze, and aggregate clinical data called Patient Safety Work Product locally, regionally, and nationally to develop insights into underlying causes of patient safety events. Confidentiality protections allow health care professionals to collect, analyze, and share quality information without fear of liability or professional reputational harm.

What are the benefits?

Working with a PSO is voluntary and provides the following benefits:

– Legal privilege and confidentiality of deliberations and analysis of quality and safety events.

– Aggregation of patient safety event data, and comparison with peers (de-identified by the PSO Privacy Protection Center).

– Expertise to understand and prevent the causes of patient safety events.

– Advice for improving the quality and safety of patient care.

Services Offered

Confidential Electronic Event Reporting

Event Management
     – Trends Analysis
     – Root Cause Analysis
     – Failure Mode Effects Analysis

Patient Safety Activities and Recognition
     – Culture of Safety Survey
     – Safe Tables
     – Great Catch program: Safercare Safety Star
     – Friday Night at the ER
     – Stop The Bleed

Personalized Education and Training
     – 2023 NPSG for Ambulatory Healthcare
     – TeamStepps
     – Just Culture
     – High-Reliability Organization

Meet the PSO Team

Justin Burton

Patient Safety and Quality Executive

Justin is a Registered Nurse with over 18 years of hospital experience including critical care, transplant, neuroscience, data analytics, quality improvement and Risk/Patient safety. Justin has been recognized as a leader, educator, and innovator who utilizes creativity and experience to drive project management, process improvement, and patient safety.

Jennifer Barrow

Clinical Executive

Jennifer is a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of hospital experience including emergency services, pediatrics, outpatient surgical services, Risk/Patient safety, and quality improvement. Jennifer is dedicated to improving the quality and safety of healthcare through inspiring and continuous process improvement efforts, professional experience, and transformational leadership.

Interested in joining our PSO?