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Speak Up For SaferCare Podcast Episode 11: What is a Patient Safety Organization? Karen Kendrick

One positive result from the Patient Safety and Quality Act of 2005 was Patient Safety Organizations(PSO). Many healthcare professionals and laypeople hear the term “PSO” and believe they understand the purpose. PSOs align with the #SaferCare Texas mission-to challenge traditional thinking to eliminate preventable harm. Listen as our next guest, Karen Kendrick MSN, RN and the VP of Clinical Initiatives and Quality for the Texas Hospital Association, describes PSOs and how they improve patient safety and quality.

Speak Up for SaferCare Podcast Episode 10: Executive Healthcare Leader “Jumps Right In”

The pandemic spawned a healthcare worker burnout epidemic. During the Covid-19 case peaks, many already short-staffed workforces isolated those ill from Covid. Consequently, healthcare leaders faced challenging decisions to staff appropriately while maintaining safe operations. In this episode, Aaron Lopez RN, CEO of ClearSky Rehabilitation Hospital of Weatherford, explains how his leadership team responded to their predicted staffing vacancies. Listen this week as Aaron explains how injecting fun into the workplace incentivizes staff to find their joy in the face of unprecedented circumstances.
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Speak Up for SaferCare Podcast Episode 9: A Certified Midwife’s Perspective

Maternal mortality occurs with alarming frequency. With 17.4 maternal deaths/100,000 live births(1), the United States loses more new mothers than most other developed countries. What should be considered a joyous event far too often becomes a tragedy. As someone involved in the miracle of life, Katie Grennan, RN, CNM, shares her experiences as a doula and midwife and how practitioners might improve. Creator of the iOS app “What About Mom?” and previous Speak Up for SaferCare guest, Dr. Teresa Wagner, joins the discussion as the two provide special insight on how current “routine” practices may contribute to poor maternal outcomes.
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Speak Up for SaferCare Podcast Episode 8: Managing Psychological Stress During and Emergency

How do you respond to emergencies? Do you hope someone else will intervene, or do you jump into action? Some acute events require prompt actions when lives are at stake, yet it is possible for anyone to fall victim to the “fight or flight” response. Dr. Jeff Beeson has served many emergency roles: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic(EMT-P), Registered Nurse(RN), and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine(DO). He now serves as an Emergency Physician responding to disasters. Listen to our next episode as Dr. Beeson describes how to manage psychological stress during emergencies.

Speak Up for SaferCare Podcast Episode 7: Harm from the Heart

Men sometimes avoid seeking treatment when symptoms present, rationalizing it as “nothing” or thinking the issue will go away. In honor of National Heart Month, heart attack survivor Brad Newsom shares what he experienced during seventeen days of hospital care. Hear Brad’s authentic description of how this event effected his mind, body, and spirit, and how hospital staff took his care to the next level. His mantra “Real Heroes Wear Scrubs” demonstrates his sincere appreciation for the healthcare workers involved in this event.