Congratulations to our Health Heroes of July!

Fort Worth ISD Health Assistants

Front Row from left to right: Charlene Wheat and Armandina Lopez Middle row from left to right: Dillian Gaines, Eliza Villanueva, Gloria Mulkey, Alberta Barnett, Cynthia Rey, Jeffrey Shadowen, Jovonne Miles, Susana Kupchunos Back Row: Delinda Gull Not pictured: Esmerald Escobedo, Ashley Street, Ashley Stewart, Brenda Huey-You, Sin Ae Newman, Laura Martinez

Why They Were Chosen

Honor the diversity of the students and families served in Fort Worth ISD 

Ensure the services provided to students are individualized. No two students are exactly alike. 

Adapt to the different environments, nurses, and needs of the 128 campuses they may float to 

Listen to the students…really listen 

Treat students as they would want their own children to be treated at school 

Hold in high regard the vision of the district’s Health Services Department


Hone their skills as Health Assistants to provide the best care possible to the students 

Exhibit a high level of compassion 

Retain a sense of humor, even in challenging situations 

Operate with a clear mission of providing exceptional customer service 

What is Health Hero of the Month?

Health Hero of the month is a joint effort between SaferCare Texas and Cook Children’s. Through this initiative, we intend to highlight and celebrate the efforts of dedicated school staff who are improving student health.