Meet the Team

Our team is committed to creating a new culture of safety in health care for Texas by challenging traditional thinking to eliminate preventable harm. We are focused on reducing medical errors and assuring Texans receive the highest quality of health care through extensive education, community outreach initiatives and quality improvement programs.

John Sims



John Sims is a masters-prepared registered nurse with 20+ years of experience in healthcare. He joined UNTHSC just prior to the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) pandemic. John is skilled in change management, patient safety science, staff development, and process improvement.

Lee Ann

Assistant Director of Strategic Operations

An employee of HSC for almost 20 years, Lee Ann brings a “serve others first” mentality to her position as Strategic Operations Assistant Director. She serves as project manager for all SaferCare Texas collaborations and is tasked with guiding the project team, meeting project goals, providing tangible outcomes, and working with leadership to successfully implement strategies that align with the mission and vision of SaferCare Texas and HSC.

Tracy Chamblee


Patient Safety & Quality Executive

Tracy is a board-certified pediatric clinical nurse specialist with 30+ years experience in healthcare. She has earned professional healthcare quality and patient safety credentials and is a nurse scientist. Tracy is a proven leader in healthcare with a passion for improving the quality and safety of health care for children and their families.

Bobbie Bratton


Clinical Executive

Bobbie is a board-certified family nurse practitioner with 25 years of nursing experience and 19+ years of advanced practice. She has a diverse practice background including family practice, student health, occupational health, acute care, and surgery. Her goal in practice is to partner with patients providing guidance and leadership towards health decisions that are safe and promote improved quality of life

Rachel Swink

Sr. Outreach & Communications Manager

Rachel is an organized and passionate individual with 8+ years of experience in communications in corporate and nonprofit organizations. Rachel oversees and executes SaferCare Texas’ communications and outreach with a goal to improve patient safety and quality of health care.

Jennifer Roberts

Sr. Administrative Coordinator

Jennifer has over 20 years’ experience in office administration and providing executive leadership support. Jennifer plays a key role in streamlining workflows and implementing administrative systems, procedures and policies

Leslie Allsopp


Project Manager for Asthma 411, Assistant Professor

Dr. Allsopp’s area of focus is Asthma 411, a comprehensive evidence-based program that equips school nurses with the necessary training and resources to quickly respond to a child in respiratory distress.

Rebecca Green

Outreach Manager

Rebecca previously worked for Catholic Charities Fort Worth where she was responsible for all outreach and recruitment efforts for the agency’s research backed long term case management program. She developed, facilitated, and recruited for community-based programs.

Jeff Beeson


Clinical Executive, Assistant Professor

Emergency Physician with 25 years of interprofessional practice starting as an Emergency Medical Technician working in rural settings, a Paramedic and Registered Nurse in Emergency Departments and Air Medical programs, to becoming an Emergency Physician whose passion lies in improving healthcare systems. A recognized leader in Integrated Healthcare Delivery focused on inter-professional teams in top-of-licensure practices that are changing the landscape for population health.

Teresa Wagner


Clinical Executive, Assistant Professor

Dr. Wagner has a passion for helping people navigate health care. Her research focuses on health literacy, the ability for people to obtain, read, understand and use healthcare information to make appropriate health decisions and follow instructions for treatment.

Kate Taylor


Clinical Executive, Assistant Professor

Dr. Kate Taylor is an experienced board-certified family nurse practitioner with 22 years in health care. Dr. Taylor is active in the clinical education of UNTHSC health profession students and SaferCare Texas improving safety in care delivery. She deeply appreciates and respects older adults and her goal is to make a difference in their lives.

David Farmer


Clinical Executive, Assistant Professor

As Director of Interprofessional Education & Practice, Dr. Farmer teaches collaborative practice competencies within the context of Interprofessional Teams. Dr. Farmer has twenty-three years’ experience in the clinical practice of counseling psychology.

Subhash Aryal



Dr. Aryal conducts statistical methodological research on topics including environmental monitoring, sample size determination and hypothesis testing. In addition, he collaborates extensively on interdisciplinary projects with researchers within and outside UNT Health Science Center

Rafia Rasu

PhD, MBA, MPharm

Health Service Outcomes Researcher

Dr. Rafia Rasu is a health services outcomes researcher. She analyzed numerous population health level state and national level datasets, EMR, and hospital quality/safety dataset to evaluate effectiveness and safety of care. She applies risk adjustment techniques with real-world evidence to make informed decisions.