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Our team is committed to creating a new culture of safety in health care for Texas by challenging traditional thinking to eliminate preventable harm. We are focused on reducing medical errors and assuring Texans receive the highest quality of health care through extensive education, community outreach initiatives and quality improvement programs.

John Sims



John Sims

John has 20+ years of experience in the healthcare industry with a diverse clinical background. Through innovation, he has led team initiatives responsible for patient safety and satisfaction improvements across 14 wholly owned hospitals. 

Lillee Gelinas


Clinical Executive

Lillee Smith Gelinas

Lillee is an exceptional leader with a passion for improving America’s health. She is a Certified Professional Patient Safety who has demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the core standards of patient safety.​​​​​​​​​

David Farmer


Senior Fellow

As Director of Interprofessional Education & Practice, Dr. Farmer teaches collaborative practice competencies within the context of Interprofessional Teams. Dr. Farmer has twenty-three years’ experience in the clinical practice of counseling psychology.

Teresa Wagner


Clinical Executive

Dr. Wagner has a passion for helping people navigate health care. Her research focuses on health literacy, the ability for people to obtain, read, understand and use healthcare information to make appropriate health decisions and follow instructions for treatment.

Subhash Aryal


Senior Fellow

Dr. Aryal conducts statistical methodological research on topics including environmental monitoring, sample size determination and hypothesis testing.  In addition, he collaborates extensively on interdisciplinary projects with researchers within and outside UNT Health Science Center.

Kate Taylor


Clinical Executive

Dr. Kate Taylor is an experienced board-certified family nurse practitioner with 22 years in health care. Dr. Taylor is active in the clinical education of UNTHSC health profession students and SaferCare Texas improving safety in care delivery. She deeply appreciates and respects older adults and her goal is to make a difference in their lives.

Lee Ann Cunningham

Assistant Director of Strategic 


Lee Ann has been a UNTHSC employee for over 16 years and an essential member of the SaferCare Texas team. She oversees the plan, budget and documents of each project. She also determines the scope and direction of each project and makes sure it is on schedule. 

Leslie Allsopp


Project Manager for Asthma 411

Leslie is a PHD candidate at UNTHSC’s School of Public Health. Her area of focus is Asthma 411, a comprehensive evidence-based program that equips school nurses with the necessary training and resources to quickly respond to a child in respiratory distress.

Jeff Beeson


Clinical Executive

An Emergency Physician with more than 25 years of interprofessional collaborative practice, Jeff is a recognized leader in integrated healthcare with an emphasis on improving healthcare delivery systems and changing the landscape for population health.

Rafia Rasu


Senior Fellow

Rafia Rasu is a health services outcomes researcher. She analyzed numerous national level datasets, EMR, and hospital quality/safety dataset to evaluate effectiveness and safety. Her academic and research objectives are focused on pharmacoepidemiology and economic evaluation of health care interventions.

Katie Shanklin

MA, Communications Manager

Katie has a proven track developing and executing marketing and communication plans to increase brand awareness. She is responsible for managing SaferCare Texas’ communication materials. 

Clara Ramirez


 Project Coordinator

 for asthma 411

Clara has experience working with organizations to advance education and health opportunities for individuals. She values relationship building and is passionate about efforts to create healthy and safe communities.

Bibi Berly Varghese

SaferCare Texas’ Intern,

UNT Health Science Center

MHA Student

Bibi our intern

Bibi is currently a MHA student at UNT Health Science Center. She is also a health professional with over six years of international and U.S. experience.