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North Texas: Online Sympton Checker Answers New Moms' Health Questions

The University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) has joined with Texas Christian University (TCU) and North Texas families to develop a new online tool for helping postpartum moms take care of their health.

UNTHSC and TCU Develop New Online Tool for New Moms Health Questions

Because a mother’s health is so important to that of her baby, team from UNT Health Science Center has joined with TCU’s Harris College of Nursing and families across Tarrant County to develop a new online tool for helping postpartum moms take care of their health.  

UNTHSC Pain Research Registry to Expand Statewide

An innovative pain research registry at UNT Health Science Center will expand to other major Texas cities, a big step for the project that could help change the way chronic pain is treated

SaferCare Texas Making Health Care Safer for Patients

Complicated medical literature, stacks of discharge orders and convoluted prescriptions can frustrate patients and lead to costly hospitalizations or even death.

Medicine: Are you taking what you think you’re taking?

Every day, millions of people across the globe do not take their medications correctly. They might be taking too much or too little. The results can have bad consequences. These might be accidental overdose, poor control of chronic disease or death.